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After having to reset more than 20 domain email signatures (Get your emails here) for more than 20 email accounts and after moving these 20 domain email accounts around 20 different servers (If you wish, you can migrate to Google here) one comes to the conclusion that Wise Email Stamping might be a good solution to keep for the future. So, what is there with WiseStamp, why is it good to have a Email Signature App and how to use one? Besides security and other issues (SPF, DCIM) signatures are the most useful parts of our emails.

WiseStamp is a web browser extension which supports Firefox, Google Chrome and RockMelt web browsers. WiseStamp enables users to include social profiles and dynamic Email Apps in their emails.

Why WiseStamp?

WiseStamp was founded in 2010 with one clear goal: helping customers succeed in business. WiseStamp equips users with simple, yet resourceful tools and services to instantly help them smartly and professionally market themselves and grow their business online. The company currently has over 700,000 users and tens of thousands of paying customers. Users send a combined 150 million emails a month using the platforms dynamic signature product.

WiseIntro was introduced to bring WiseStamp’s vision of providing micro-businesses with tools that were previously too expensive or inaccessible to fruition.

As WiseStamp says about itself: Nearly 55 million Americans are freelancing. That’s 35% of the workforce. Research suggests that by 2020, the majority of the workforce will be self-employed individuals. And that’s a bold statement! Individuation in such a high separatiionated process might affect our community on self-sustainable individuals or self-efficient cells of self-employed individuals? How about sustainable community grouping. Their statement continues (below) ..

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The passion of WiseStamp is, as stated: Helping the self employed grow their online business.

And how? WiseStamp supposedly takes existing solutions and simplify them into products that fit their specific needs.

And in the WiseStamp Solution: The WiseStamp email platform offers a unique, smart way of interacting with customers and audience in their daily emails, letting you add easily promote and market yourself with just a few clicks.

And for the solution, WiseStamp states: No matter what your business or profession, whether you’re a business consultant, real estate broker or designer – we’ve got the apps and services to help you achieve your goals: get leads, brand your business, distribute your content, showcase your portfolio, build a community, all while looking super professional – we’ve got the features and tools to help you do it.

WiseStamp also offers a corporate solution for businesses, letting you create centrally-managed, consistent email branding across your organisation. Well done WiseStamp!

Let’s Start Using the Solution

WiseStamp basic plan is Free, but we would recommend, as to anything, to go for Pro version. That will cost an individual about $6/monthly and an individual user will get access to all WiseStamp’s Email Signature Templates. Is that enough?

Client Testimonials Genius ServicesAs from the WiseStamp’s footer: The WiseStamp email platform offers a unique, smart way of interacting with customers and audience in their daily emails, letting our customers (B2B/B2C) easily promote and market themselves using their own customized professional email signature.

The Pro plan offers: Outlook Email Signature, Gmail Email Signature, Android Email Signature, iPhone Email Signature, Mac Mail Email Signature, Yahoo Email Signature and Email Signature Creator ..

Free Plan Offers 1 Email Signature Template.


  • WiseStamp helps you compose and design an appropriate and useful email signature.
  • You can include dynamic content such as your latest tweet, sale or post.
  • Browser add-ons make WiseStamp work with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and other web-based email.


  • WiseStamp, not through its fault entirely, does not offer a plain-text signature alternative.
  • You cannot have the signature change automatically based on recipient or subject, for example.
  • More formatting choices and design tools would be nice.

Email Signature Templates

With life in general and email signatures as well, you need not invent the wheel to get a wheel. WiseStamp includes a myriad of templates that make your email signature look good—and appropriate for a signature.

Not all templates are perfect for all uses, mind you, and some lay it on a bit thickly. WiseStamp also reserves a good number of its designs for paying members.

Paying or free member, you are not limited to the templates WiseStamp includes, though the options for customizing your signature further might be more limited than you had expected: you can pick between three fonts, a number of font sizes and colors, and you can adapt the icons for links to social profiles.

The Information Is Not (Only) in Your Signature

WiseStamp’s template system accomplishes another goal elegantly, though: all the essential information is bound to be in your signature.

With the editor and template system, you also have to type it but once to save and play with it permanently. If you try a template that does not include certain information, it is not lost.

Your trying different designs and playing with their formatting is not the only thing that is dynamic about WiseStamp signatures; possibly the most enticing tool WiseStamp offers are its “apps” for including more than the basic information in your signature.

Using WiseStamp

What about practice? If you use WiseStamp with a supported web-based email account (such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook.com) in a supported browser (such as Google Chrome), practice much follows theory: you compose your signature in the WiseStamp editor on the web, and the plug-ins take care of the rest, setting up and maintaining your sig including images, dynamic content and all.

With an email service or program not so well supported (Outlook, for instance), you have to jump through more hoops to get a result that is worse: to set up iOS Mail, for instance, you send yourself an email with the desired signature and then copy that to your settings—with images and dynamic apps lost and, perhaps, some of the formatting still intact.

This is not entirely WiseStamp’s fault, of course, but worth keeping in mind.

It is also worth noting that, even with fully supported email setups, WiseStamp’s free version will maintain only one signature; subscribers can create multiple signatures for their various email personas—and have WiseStamp pick one automatically based on the address used for sending.

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At the end of the Email

Well, at the end of the day all is streamlined through inventiveness, over sustainability and back to community. If one practice is good for one, for a group or for a larger part of population, that part might form a habit. When habits are formed, they become rules. Similar happened from writing a letter on paper, to writing an e-mal – both need signatures. But for a distinctions, email signatures aren’t so founded as the habit of using them is just recent.

So, if you like it, use it but most of all stick to the rules of letter writing. Once these standards are accomplished then apply your knowledge over the whole scope of your business. But stick to simple straight forward and you’re well signed to any email. And if you don’t want spam, use disposable emails.