Imagination is the only Limit.

In its ordinary meaning, the term ‘Imagination’ does not allow for the distinction as to whether or not its functioning is under our control. If imagination is under our control, then its uses may be distinguished by such names as visualisation, creative thinking, inventive thinking. But when it comes by itself and controls us so that we are in its power, it is called ‘Imagination’. One must observe the many things that are in one’s own Imagination to see them. There is always a limit. If one tries to do too much, imagination takes hold and one will do nothing. So we imagine ourselves really. Only we are not what we imagine ourselves to be.

Enough research will tend to support whatever theory.

In the twenty-first century, our personal data is probably the most valuable resource most humans still have to offer, and we are giving it to the tech giants in exchange for email services and funny cat videos.

To really boost your sense of self-efficacy, think of ways you could modify your usual tasks to suit your personal style.

A beginner today is a core developer tomorrow.

If it’s not already in Node core, then it shouldn’t be added.

A comment isn’t needed if the name is good and the responsibility is clear.

Real conversations often happen where technology meets human fear.

We worry too much about our weaknesses instead of our strengths.