Connect WordPress Maintenance Plans


Give yourself a cushion — with monthly maintenance plans assuring your WordPress website is running smoothly. Taking care of semi- or fully-automated updates, background services, database maintenance, optimised content delivery and security as our top priority. Included are: Free SSL, Resource management, Monthly backups (CodeGuard), Security audits & Malware surveillance (SiteLock), Basic SEO Plan (with 1h introduction, by demand), Tracking & Reporting, Newsletter (with latest recommendations). Give yourself a cushion – it will keep you well prepared to run your online business.


When it comes to running an online business, time management is key. With so many tasks that need completing, it’s easy to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. The reality of business, however, is that some tasks are more important than others. Client prospecting, strategizing, and analyzing your marketing channels will all grow your business and add to your bottom line. All tasks matter, but it isn’t hard to see why tasks like security, maintenance, and other behind-the-scenes WordPress ‘chores’ are neglected. Many WordPress users don’t know the necessary how-to or simply don’t have the time to deal with maintenance. Here our maintenance plans come handy. Maintenance plan enable your online business to operate like a well-oiled machine.

* If you’re an existing Connect 2u2 Hosting client, please CLICK HERE and Login and Order Basic or Advanced Monthly Support Plan from your Account add-ons.

1. Semi- or Fully-Automated Updates Module

As WordPress is known as the most used Content Management platform it is also known to be heavy-duty, mostly under thread of any kind of ‘attack’ and therefore WordPress sites need to be kept up to date. If an online business running on WordPress (or any other) doesn’t have a maintenance plan for it then don’t get surprised when you get panicked calls about a hacked site. Automated updates solve that issue and add an additional step to the updating procedures to always do a precautory site audit, collect all the information on site functions and then schedule semi-automated update steps in order to assure that the system (WordPress or other CMS), its functions (themes + plugins) and server environment always update to stable versions.

2. Platinum Resource Management Module

Resource management includes image, database and website delivery optimisation. For example: every image, uploaded to your WordPress site is automatically generated in at least 6 versions when uploaded. That said, it means that for every image you upload, no matter where and how you use it, it will always get a 6x copies within your website file resources. Now, the question is whether your original images are optimised correctly before they’re uploaded and how these are processed once added to the site. Here our maintenance plan will help you optimise all images in the process and will support you with detailed instructions on image preparation.
* Resource management module does not include CDN or Cloud image processing. These modules can be obtained separately. Free CDN is included with all regular Connect Hosting Plans (integration by demand). Contact us for more information.

3. Free Cryptonite SSL Security Module

The necessity for a secure (and private) internet environment will get actualized in January, 2017. The 2017 will mark the start of new era in Secure Internet Environment where all websites (and apps) will be required to run over the Secure Sockets Layer, supported by a valid SSL Certificate ensuring the SSL encrypted connection and data exchange between the website and websites users (clients, customers, readers). With Cryptonite Security Module we have included a Free SSL and a Free SSL installation on your WordPress (or any other) website.
* Cryptonite SSL Security module currently available to Connect 2u2 Web Technologies clients only. All Connect 2u2 Hosting clients receive a Free SSL with every hosting plan.

4. CodeGuard Website Backup Module

Get a time machine for your website. The fastest, most reliable website backup service – which tracks all of your changes daily. Secure your website in just a few minutes. CodeGuard’s cloud backup lets you recover your website data instantly, includes automated backup service and management.
* Connect | CodeGuard Basic Backup plans are included with Basic monthly maintenance plans by default, CodeGuard Professional Modules are available with Advanced Maintenance Modules only.

5. SiteLock Security Module

SiteLock Security is the only web security solution to offer complete, cloud-based website protection. 360-degree monitoring finds and fixes threats, prevents future attacks, accelerates website performance and meets PCI compliance standards for businesses of all sizes. SiteLock is more than just a one-time scan. It’s an all encompassing solution. Smart & Simple Website Security. To read more about SiteLock plans, visit Connect | SiteLock Security Plans or click HERE >
* Basic maintenance plans with Connect 2u2 Web Technologies include SiteLock Simcronic, Basic website security plan. Higher SiteLock Security Plans available with Advanced maintenance plans only.

6. Tracking & Reporting

Every online business has arrived to the questions on SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. How to present your business online? How to professionally layout your website? How to write excellent content? How to manage website content to get listed as a top ranking business with major search engines? Here, maintenance module will enable you to manage your websites SEO on the go, while writing your content, and will swiftly deliver your website to all major search engines. Module includes basic SEO, with startup tutorial, Tracking and Analytics integration and with 1 Website Visitors Monthly Report (delivered to your email).
* Module available to existing Connect 2u2 Hosting clients. If ordering module externally, then refer either to Basic SEO or Advanced SEO module.

7. Monthly support

Advanced maintenance plan includes 1h monthly support, maintenance insights with security newsletter (delivered monthly) and with partner recommendations including awesome deals. Additional SEO services, visitor tunneling and site boosting are available (by demand). Give yourself a cushion – if ordering an Advanced maintenance plans – as your ride will begin to skyrocket your results.
* All Connect By demand offers are charged additionally, after initial website audit and by highly recommended and highly discounted hourly prices (Starting from A$66.00/hr only).