Connect Auto-Pilot for WordPress Content Management


Imagine to run your Site on Auto-Pilot: Schedule your posts and articles, publish to and from Social media networks, Automate SEO and Sitemap availability, Pings and notifications, Automate fast website delivery (CDN) and more .. There are a lot things we can do with your WordPress site to automate different activities. With the use of WordPress Content Management on Auto-Pilot we can automate almost anything.


1. Automate Your Publishing

With the use of Editorial calendars, Scheduled posting, Auto-expiry and Auto-suggest you can visualize and plan your entire publishing schedule. You can simply drag and drop posts into the date you want them published and set the date when they should be published. Also, you can set the expiry dates and notifications on all or individual posts. This means you can front-load as many blog posts as you want and not have to worry about actually clicking the publish button. Just write the content and then let WordPress handle all the publishing for you.

2. Automated Social Sharing

Your WordPress site updates RSS feeds every time you publish a new post, page, article, event or product and so there are ways to leverage this to automate other activities like Automated social sharing. How many Social networks does a business use – 1, 2, 3 or more? Which Social network is your business actively using: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Instagram, SoudCloud, Google+ or more? With the use of a Smart Social Automation Tools we can set your social accounts to automatically share your posts, statuses, updates to min. 1 Social network at once. You get a complete social automation for your automated publishing.
* Additional account upgrades available

3. Stop images from auto-linking

By default, all images added to your posts with the media uploader are linked to the attachment page. This is bad for SEO. With that fu in all WordPress installations sites are sending link juice to pages that won’t ever rank and never need to rank. Also, Google will only crawl a certain amount of pages on your site depending generally on PageRank. Turning off the links on a per image basis is lame and time-consuming. So we enable proper functions to automate image exclusions before the sitemap deliveries.

4. Ping Notifications Auto-Pilot

WordPress pings one update service for you every time you publish a new post. This helps that post get found by search engines and basically “notifies” the blogosphere of your new post. We add more Ping update services to increase this effect.

5. Image Scale Automator

Employing the use of lossless image optimization processes to automatically reduce the size of images you upload is essential for PageSpeed Ranking. In short, all of your images will stay exactly the same, but with 0-50% less file size. That will highly impact the speed of your website delivery.

6. Automated Social to WordPress Publisher

Have you ever thought of publishing to your WordPress site from an external source, Social Network maybe? With Connect WordPress Auto-Pilot you can choose from several Social Network sources you can use parallel to your site and publish recursively – Write on your preferred Social Platform and site will read and publish your posts on itself. 1 Social Network per order available, additional Network upgrades available. Choose from: Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, any RSS feed or any Custom External Source
* Custom Sources available by demand only

7. Automated Content Delivery

Automated content delivery with the use of CDN (Content Delivery Networks) will enable your site to be delivered with optimal speeds within every pre-defined availability areas. It is all about delivery here, automation takes off the burden on Content Management when Automated Delivery speeds up the time your website is loaded on the screens of your end-users, clients and customers. When hosting your site with Connect 2u2 Secure WordPress plans, then free CDN accounts are available. Free SSL’s come with every hosting plans. With Auto-Pilot we can also limit your sites availability.

Additional information

1 Plan Includes

FreeSSL installation, Fast Website Delivery Optimisation, BasicSEO Module + 1h SEO Support, 1 Outbound Social Sharing Account, 1 Inbound Social Publishing Account, 1 IP Availability Location Restriction, Basic CloudFlare CDN Setup, Upgrade modules available