Disposable Emails with Byom.de

Disposable email addressing (DEA) refers to an approach where a unique email address is used for every contact or entity. The benefit is that if anyone compromises the address or utilises it in connection with email abuse, the address owner can easily cancel (or “dispose” of) it without affecting any of their other contacts. Such disposable addresses are generally provided by a service company (paid or free) that forwards mail from the DEA to the actual address, but email sub-addressing techniques can also be used to provide a subset of similar advantages.

How does Byom.de disposable emails work?

Byom.de receives all emails sent to any address without the need of creating those addresses first.

This allows you to use any address you like for example during registration for some service and only then come to byom.de and check for confirmation emails.  So using byom.de saves you a lot of time, especially since new messages pop up immediately, no need keep hitting refresh!

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Are these ‘Trashmails’ secure?

Yes and No. Anybody who knows the address can check for emails. This usually isn’t a problem with a forced newsletter signup you had to do somewhere. But if a hacker knows which byom.de address you use for a specific service like Facebook or PayPal (don’t use byom.de for that, please!) he can easily get access to your account with the ‘password forgotten’ mechanism. But there is a way around that, which is Byom’s SAS Secure Address System.

Byom.de SAS or Secure Address System

To avoid people who know the address you have used from reading your emails, Byom created SAS, Secure (Email) Addresses System. For each email address you use, Byom shows a secure address at the top of the page. Emails to this secure address appear in the same inbox, but only with the first address. Trying to access the inbox of this secure address results in an error.

Example of Byom’s SAS

Let’s say someone chooses trashmail@byom.de as email address. The corresponding SAS secure address becomes 1d3_2kyctxdej2h1@byom.de. Then the person in case can use 1d3_2kyctxdej2h1@byom.de for signing up somewhere, if he or she wants to do so. If a hacker tries reading the emails by entering 1d3_2kyctxdej2h1 on byom.de, he will not be able to access them!  Only you know the unencrypted address trash~mail, which acts like a password. So you should choose an un-guess-able email address for that, ‘trashmail’ in this case is obviously a bad example! 🙂

A word of warning: The secure address is generated by a strong encryption algorithm. It is impossible to retrieve the plain text address to access the secure emails in case you forget it. So don’t. 🙂

What does Byom.de stands for?

BYOM stands for ‘Bring Your Other Mail’. combined with ‘.de’ which is a German Domain Name Suffix since BYOM is a German project. But at BYOM they speak english, too 😉

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Byom.de Alternatives

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