Featured Integrations: December 2017

Holiday sales are ramping up, and while Black Friday and Cyber Monday often account for a major portion of the seasonal revenue for online sellers, there’s still plenty of time left to reach your customers and drive sales. There are a lot of other businesses vying for the same customers, so it’s important to learn from your past marketing efforts and discover what type of messaging resonates with your audience. This month, we’re highlighting tools that will help you learn more about your customers, so you can become a better seller when the time counts.

Marketing teams and decision makers don’t always have the time to look for individual pieces of data spread across multiple platforms. Grow is a reporting and dashboard software that makes it easy for teams to consolidate their data into a single database and visualize all that information effortlessly. Users can customize their dashboards to include data sources from over 150 different integrations, including all the major online selling and marketing platforms.

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We’ve discussed integrating with Typeform through various connection services in the past, but we’re happy to announce that there’s now an official integration available. Typeform now integrates directly with MailChimp, so contacts can opt-in to your marketing lists through your Typeform surveys or forms without any interruption. This integration is still in the early stages, but we’re excited to see what other functionality the Typeform team adds as the app continues to be adopted.

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Copywriting can be a daunting task for any marketer, and sometimes it’s difficult to figure out which copy elements were the driving factor in a successful email campaign. That’s where Persado comes in. Their machine learning system analyzes your MailChimp subject lines, determines which were the most successful based on any number of emotional cues, and helps you continue testing to drive better results through their multivariate campaign integration with MailChimp. Plus, their easy-to-read graphs make it super simple for folks to understand which emotions elicit a response from their audience and improve the overall performance of the email.

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