Everything You Need to Make the Best Google Remarketing Ads in MailChimp

Even when customers visit your store ready to buy, there are a slew of distractions that can come between them and checkout. You spend a lot of time refining your marketing campaigns—tweaking this subject line, testing that image—to drive more traffic to your website, but that hard work doesn’t always keep people from leaving.

Google remarketing ads give you a way to reach folks who like your brand, wherever they go online, and bring them back to find the thing that first caught their eye.

Whether you’re already running a retargeting ad or thinking about setting up your first one, we have tips, guides, and best practices to help you make retargeting an effective part of your marketing strategy.

Maybe you’re new to retargeting and want to know more about how it works or where it fits in with your business. You might be looking for some inspiration to help you get started or get better. And if this isn’t your first retargeting ad, we’ve got tips to help you take it to the next level.

Plus, retargeting ads in MailChimp are designed to be combined with our other channels—like email and Facebook ads—to give your marketing a 1-2 punch.

Before you send your next email to drive traffic to your site, follow our recipe to set up a retargeting ad that brings back the folks who get away.

Ready to run a Google remarketing ad? Get started.

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