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46 feminine logos that shatter the glass ceiling

When you think of feminine design, what comes to mind? For many people its pastel pinks, curvy shapes, pretty patterns and delicate fonts. But how many women do you know who fit that mold?

Feminine design has greatly evolved from the pink stereotype. Along with everything else—from fashion to technology—it has matured with the times. Women are complex, multi-faceted creatures varying in age, cultural background, location and budget. Whether your brand is aimed exclusively at women or you’re more gender-neutral, you’ll want to get your logo right because women influence 83% of consumer spending in the US.

Just like we can’t group women into a single category, we can’t lump feminine design into one simple category, either. A logo that will attract a teenage girl won’t necessarily reach a career woman in her 40s. It’s vital to establish your target audience before you begin branding. Who do you want your design to speak to?

Need some inspiration? Here are some of our favorite takes on feminine logos:

Classically feminine and pretty in pink

If you’re a brand that embraces traits associated with “traditional” femininity, like grace, softness and warmth, you can emphasize them in your branding by choosing a classically feminine logo. Think scripted fonts, intricate linework, curved shapes and pink or other pastel colors.

by Almi design

Be bold, brave and beautiful with your feminine logo

News flash: not all women are attracted to the color pink! This genre of feminine design appeals to the independent, empowered female by breaking away from those traditional norms and reversing stereotypes. We’re thinking strong female faces with presence and depth. Shy away from pastel colors and be bold with your font to ensure your branding captures the hearts and souls of the women trying to make it in this crazy world. If you’re feeling really playful, take a traditional concept (like a delicate bird) and flip it on its head (by making it a skeleton).

Compassion + Strength logo
by Mad pepper

Welcome your audience with a nurturing, sentimental design

Moms rule! (And not just because they give the most comforting hugs.) Whether it was back-to-school supplies, razors for dad, ingredients for dinner or household goods, the chances are most things in a household are purchased by a mom. Appealing to a more matronly audience can work wonders for your brand. Try using a nostalgic, vintage style logo that will draw your audience in with warmth and familiarity. Hand drawn illustrations are the pillar of design and they’re always made with love! Spark some sentimental moments with your branding and check out some of our favorite examples of ‘mommy-inspired’ logos!

Feminism is all about equality. So are modern feminine logos.

If you’re a progressive, contemporary brand, then gender-neutral design with a modern feminine twist may be something to consider. The beauty industry has been historically dominated by female consumers but as the lines between genders begin to blur so does branding. For example, multi-million dollar companies like Dove and Dermalogica have shied away from the classic, overly feminine branding. The beauty industry’s target audience is no longer gender-specific so combining classic elements of masculine and feminine design could result in a logo that oozes minimalism and simplicity.

The future is feminine design

Whether it’s throngs of screaming teenage girls or a powerhouse lady lawyer living in Manhattan, there is no doubt that women are influential consumers in today’s world. Even though it’s near impossible to categorize women or to compartmentalize the genres of design that appeal to them, let your powerful, charming, feminine design do the talking for you!

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Original article written by Sinead O’ Grady >

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