18 triangle logos that get to the point

Triangle logos separate themselves from round logos through the presence of sharp corners and from square logos with their increased stability. Consider, for example, how folding tables often include triangular supports or how easels lean against triangular legs—it’s a dependable shape!

These unique qualities allow triangular logos to communicate values like trustworthiness, power or plain confidence in a way that other logo shapes can’t. If any of these sound like values that relate to your business, you’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up some awesome triangle logos for your inspiration.

Colorful and calm triangle logos

Triangular logo
Delta Behavioral Group logo by Bananodromo
Triangular logo
Clearwood Capital Partners logo by Rahul Designs™

The geometric strength that triangles have allows them to communicate a sense of calmness or security. This is especially true when triangles are paired with saturated, healing or joyful colors. If your business relates to fields such as finance, management, behavior or any field which aims to communicate safety, start here for design inspiration.

Hip line work

Triangular logo
IT, DreamIT, SeeIT, InventIT logo by Maria Nersi
Triangular logo
VARDA logo by aleT
Triangular logo
Mind’s I Militia logo by minimalexa
Triangular logo
analog modern logo by dumbegDesign™
Triangular logo
Ventus Garage logo by Daredjo

Compared to circles and squares, triangles are one of the lesser-used shapes in logo design—which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Their rarity can give them a hip, rebellious or punk appearance. If your business is a little more on the cool side, triangles are great for embellishment with hip line work.

Whether abstract and symmetrical, these embellishments can create mesmerizing geometry, or even something illustrative such as an eye in the center (a reference to the illuminati, or secret knowledge). Ultimately, this style of design can give a hip twist to any business, but especially record labels, custom motorcycle shops or jewelry shops.

Illustrated and whimsical triangles

Thanks to myths such as the Bermuda Triangle, triangles can be portrayed in a way that feels mysterious or even mythological. The examples above succeed in creating that atmosphere by illustrating a bleeding triangle or creating an octopus that hints at the legendary Kraken. This style of design would work great for businesses that have a story behind the brand!

Sophisticated geometry

Triangle logos
Golden Crown Apparel logo by Edina™
Triangle logos
Ashworth logo by Guillermo Velázquez
Triangle logos
KUSI logo by Milos Subotic

Triangles draw the eye to three sharp points. This allows them to portray a sense of precision, accuracy or even sophistication. Some ways to bring these qualities out in a triangular logo is to render it in shiny gold, or incorporate it into a sleek pattern using minimalist geometry. This style of logo design is great for businesses that create innovative technology, handle document management or simply want show that they are focused, mature brand.

Want a triangle logo for your business? Launch a logo design contest today!


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