Newly available YubiEnterprise Services make it easy for organizations to streamline YubiKey procurement and delivery

Today marks a milestone in Yubico history. For the first time ever, we are now offering a service-based solution for enterprises in need of a simple and efficient way to purchase and deliver YubiKeys at scale: YubiEnterprise Services. 

Until now, enterprises have struggled to effectively and easily implement YubiKeys across an entire organization, leaving many gaps in security. With YubiEnterprise Services, companies will be able to eliminate the logistical, budgetary, or planning challenges associated with achieving company-wide security with YubiKey authentication. These added benefits continue to deliver on Yubico’s mission of making strong authentication accessible to everyone.

YubiEnterprise Subscription and YubiEnterprise Delivery are the first two services offered, initially to customers in the US and Canada, with a phased rollout in Europe and other regions. YubiEnterprise Subscription is available today, and YubiEnterprise Delivery will be available Q2 2020. Key benefits include: 

YubiEnterprise Subscription 

  • Improved cost efficiencies — Businesses with a minimum initial purchase for 750 users or more can subscribe to a 3-year or 1-year license on a per-user basis, lowering the overall cost to entry for the industry-leading authentication solution. With the grouping of YubiKeys into tiers, customers have the flexibility to choose YubiKeys at the time of fulfillment.
  • Predictable spending — With a per-user pricing model versus per-key pricing model, IT departments don’t need to worry about how many YubiKeys they’ll need over a certain period of time. They only need to consider how many users require support. This allows organizations to better plan and experience predictable spending. 
  • Flexible YubiKey upgrades — Similarly, IT departments do not need to determine which YubiKey models will best support their growing authentication needs. Customers can choose the YubiKeys that suit their needs today, and can easily upgrade their devices to the newest form factors in the future, such as the upcoming YubiKey 5C NFC or YubiKey Bio

YubiEnterprise Delivery 

  • Streamlined shipping, tracking, and delivery — Customers can request single or bulk YubiKey shipments directly to end-users at any time. Yubico maintains the customer’s YubiKey inventory, validates addresses, automatically calculates shipping costs and applicable taxes, and notifies administrators and end-users with tracking information. Delivery services are automatically calculated and deducted from customers’ prepaid shipping credits with Yubico. 
  • Consolidated visibility into product inventory— With access to a self-service administrator console, customers can easily gain visibility into YubiKey inventory, access shipping statuses, and generate reports all in one centralized location. The console is available through Yubico’s user interface, or can be directly integrated into existing IT software using public APIs. 
  • Cost-efficient outsourced logistics — Enterprises can reduce the costs typically associated with managing YubiKey inventory. Not only can customers continue to buy YubiKeys in bulk at a discounted rate, but Yubico handles all shipping, tracking, and delivery services as needed. As a result, this also reduces support cases associated with shipment tracking and notification for end-users. 

For additional details, including access to pricing information and early application for YubiEnterprise Delivery, visit our YubiEnterprise web page

To learn more about the business advantages of YubiEnterprise Services, sign up for our upcoming webinar, YubiEnterprise Services: Hardware Authenticators as a Service, on February 20 at 10 a.m. PST time. 

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