National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Shining a Spotlight on Secure Access

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), and here at Yubico, we’re doing our part to raise awareness on the importance of cybersecurity and staying safe online. 

Billions of login credentials and user records are routinely leaked — sometimes in the course of a single year — and can cause significant damage to those who fall victim. By enforcing two-factor (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA), you make it harder for hackers to crack the account. 

We recommend investing in access management platforms, such as Identity Access Management (IAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM), which enable you to proactively take steps to enhance cybersecurity for your users. In recent years, leaders in IAM and PAM have innovated to deliver high security, without compromising ease of use, to address the challenges of an increasingly online workforce. In doing so, these services implemented support for stronger, more modern forms of user authentication.

In honor of NCSAM, we’ve asked some of our IAM and PAM partners to provide tips for enterprises looking to tackle these challenges. 

Yves Audebert, President and Co-CEO, Axiad IDS

“Validating identities and ensuring trust across every entity that interacts with the enterprise network is vital to business operations. IT leaders will need an agile identity platform that balances risks, compliance, and user experience.”

Robert Freudenreich, CTO, Boxcryptor

“In a time when data is the new instrument of power, citizens need to start defending themselves against the excessive collection of data. Protecting your cloud with zero knowledge encryption is a good starting point.”

Mike Nelson, VP of IoT Security, DigiCert

“With our growing list of connected devices, protecting consumer privacy starts with implementing security fundamentals to ensure that data is encrypted, devices only trust properly authenticated connections, and that code running on each device is secure.”

Sam Srinivas, Director of Product Management, Google Cloud

“Other security controls are virtually irrelevant if an attacker can get through the front door by phishing your credentials. Google was an early adopter of FIDO security keys to provide a defense against the dangers of targeted phishing attacks.”

James Litton, CEO and Co-Founder, Identity Automation

“IAM does more than just help IT staff create user accounts; it enables productivity and provides a solid security foundation by addressing authentication and rights management. IAM must be the core of your security program to effectively secure your data and systems.”

Allen Storey, Chief Product Officer, Intercede

“Cyberattacks affect enterprises and individuals alike. Now is the time for cybersecurity best practices to become standard practices as more step up to deploy strong multi-factor authentication with a credential management system and hardware security keys.”

Greg Keller, Chief Strategy Officer, JumpCloud

“We fundamentally believe that the system is the gateway to securing IT. Focusing on where the work happens—the computer in front of you—allows you to protect not only the security of individuals but also their customers.”

Todd Peterson, Director of Product Marketing, One Identity

“With the steep rise in security breaches caused by threat actors using credential theft, it’s become clear that adding additional factors to the authentication process—across all types of users—can dramatically reduce your risk.”

Matt Hurley, VP Global Channels and Strategic Alliances, OneLogin

“Organizations are looking at ways to better secure their environment and reduce password dependency. Integrating identity management with a strong authentication method makes it convenient for end users to adopt advanced login sequences while enhancing privacy.”

Anirban Banerjee, CEO and Founder, Onion ID

“Securing privileges in a fast paced, changing landscape of applications, servers, containers, and endpoints can be very challenging. We believe that easy yet strong authentication is the cornerstone of an effective PAM strategy.” 

Joakim Thorén, CEO, Versasec

“Breaches are a reality both from outside and within the enterprise. Securing a company’s most vital assets with strong, easily managed two-factor authentication solutions is more than critical – it’s a moral imperative.”

Since 2007, Yubico has driven the development of open standards, and collaborated with hundreds of companies worldwide through our Works with YubiKey Program to bring secure, hardware-backed authentication methods to light.

Discover all the Identity Access Management and Privileged Access Management platforms that enable strong authentication with the YubiKey on the Works with YubiKey catalog. Contact our partners to learn more about their solution.

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