Featured Integrations: October 2017

We know that running a business isn’t easy. In addition to the inherent stresses of meeting goals, objectives, and financial obligations, many organizations also have to worry about managing an office and making sure things are running smoothly for employees and visitors alike. So this month, we’re highlighting some useful MailChimp integrations that can help make life easier around the office.


If you have frequent visitors around the office and would like to collect information from them, look no further than Envoy. Envoy is a visitor registration app that integrates seamlessly with MailChimp, making it an ideal solution for businesses who are frequently visited by sales leads, customers, partners, or investors. When a visitor signs in on an iPad that’s been set up with Envoy, they’ll automatically be added to the MailChimp list of your choice, making it easy to stay in touch with a follow-up email or automation series.

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Planyo is a reservation software that makes it easy for any business to schedule bookings and set up reservations for clients. With Planyo’s MailChimp integration, customer information will automatically be synced to MailChimp once a booking has been confirmed, so you can quickly remind people about upcoming appointments or follow up with clients after a big meeting.

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Typeform by Zapier

Have you ever needed to collect feedback from clients, solicit opinions from coworkers, or even just ask your employees if they prefer peanut butter and jelly over Nutella sandwiches? With Typeform, you can glean this information—along with countless other valuable insights—through beautiful contact forms, order forms, questionnaires, and more. And when you use Zapier’s Typeform integration, the information you collect automatically syncs to one (or more) of your MailChimp lists, so you can easily send follow-up emails or targeted campaigns based on that new data.

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