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Freewrite Content SEO Is King Writing

Content, content, content – it’s all we hear these days. Content is the king, the SEO superstar, the social media ruler. But here’s the thing: you don’t have time for it, you don’t know what to write and you’re not sure of what to measure. You need help, you need inspiration – you need advice from some of the world’s leading experts.

3 Tips for Content Writers

1. Inspire, Evoke Passion & Incite Action

Sure Content Writing is still about creating something useful for your customers. But this year we’re witnessing something even more powerful: the creation of content so contagious that it grabs your readers by their hearts, shakes them by the shoulders and if you’re really lucky, makes them shiver a little. Andrew Davis from Author Brandscaping says that each piece of content should create an experience, using emotive, inspirational, suspenseful and personal stories. Your job? Inspire passion within your readers. Ignite a fire so strong that they feel compelled to act, to read on, to sit up, to fall over – to feel something, to do something. Because otherwise, what’s the point?

Every consumer journey starts with a moment of inspiration…This is the single largest content opportunity to drive real revenue for your brand. Create moments of inspiration to send your consumers on a journey…When you harness emotion you inspire people to act.

Freewrite Content SEO is King Writing

See details coming into action with Social Networking, take a look at the Facebook Advertising for Business.

2. Stop, Think, Plan – Before You Write

As Google and social media channels increasingly highlight the importance of quality content creation, content writers are under growing pressure to create more and more content. But with limited time and resources, we need to get smart about the type of content we’re producing. The solution is: You must have a plan!

What’s the difference between the good and the not so good content marketers? The effective content marketers have a documented strategy and follow it closely.

Before you delve into your next blog post, stop and try to clarify what your content is trying to achieve. Look at what your competitors are creating so you can identify a unique content angle they aren’t tapping into. Developing an editorial calendar is a great way to plan your strategy.

No matter what your business sells, your content should try and achieve the following goals:

  1. Position your brand as a thought leader
  2. Develop relationships and loyalty
  3. Create authentic value

3. Align Your Content to Your Business Goals

A number of professional marketers highlighted the importance of measuring your content efforts. The sentiment was this: It isn’t just about pleasing your marketing manager by providing share and like metrics. It’s not just about page views and bounce rates or how long your reader spends on the page. Yes, these are all lovely and useful for brand visibility and engagement – they even deserve a pat on the back. But do you know what your CEO really cares about? The figures that are helping his business grow, flourish, make money, gain customers, retain loyalty.

We hold all our marketing to one standard: ROI. Does it drive the business and pay for itself?…Content and data are inextricably linked. Content without data is a blackhole.

Your content strategy should be very much aligned with your business goals. Ask: what is its purpose? How does it support and progress our marketing strategy? How does it help our business grow, sell and gain the right attention?

Recommended tools for Content Writers?

We all like classics. We were breed with classics, we were educated in Classics, and we just love relying on Classics ~ Classics will always bring us over turmoils of every modern times.

Just recently we came across the ‘Freewrite’ ~ The World’s First Smart Writer, or in the words of the highly satisfied Freewrite users: he Freewrite is downright gorgeous, and got some impressed nods from fellow locals at my corner café ..

Only a few benefits of using a Freewrite Typewriter

  • The Freewrite works perfectly indoors or out, online or offline. Leave your smartphone at home and go write where you feel most comfortable.
  • Freewrite’s cloud connectivity ensures writers remain unburdened with saving or restoring documents. Documents are always safe.
  • Your drafts are automatically uploaded to our Postbox web app using 256-bit SSL encryption and sync to your favorite tools like Dropbox, Evernote, and more.
  • Double your hourly word count with the Freewrite. Every element of the Freewrite is designed to help you find your flow and stay there.

To read more about Freewrite, and if you’re a Content Writer ~ Order a Freewrite Typewriter here >

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