Behind the Dot – State of the .au Domain: .au Zone File Analysis

Behind The Dot – State Of The .au Domain: .au Zone File Analysis

9 Nov 2015: Edition 5 of AusRegistry’s Behind the Dot – State of the .au Domain reveals unique insights into .au domain name utilisation. This quarter’s feature article presents the findings of .au’s first ever zone file scan focusing on seven website related categories: Response Type, Website page numbers, Website type, E-commerce, Content Management System, Technical Evaluation and Search Engine Optimisation

Additionally, the combination of zone file data with other sources such as Registry data, has prompted several thought-provoking articles including ‘Our nation’s best websites – 8 common traits’,Australian websites miss prime content opportunities’ and ‘Search optimisation performance of Aussie websites’.

Behind the Dot continues to provide a series of regular features including .au statistics, auDA’s governance report, survey data and a DNS and security update.

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