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41 cool logos that are so hot right now

What makes a logo cool? I could give you the Wikipedia definition, but that would be just about the squarest thing ever (next to actually using the word “square”). The truth is, cool logos are indefinable, ineffable. Yet, you know it when you see it.

Any list of cool logos is going to be necessarily subjective, paradoxically both incomplete and overly broad. But I’m a freelance writer, and numbered lists on the internet are how I pay my bills, so we’re doing it anyway.

Some of these logos may not exactly fit your definition of cool. And that’s okay. The most important thing is that they inspire you, challenge you to really think about your brand, and what kind of cool it really is. They’ll set you on a path to creating your neat, spiff, nifty, keen, boss, badass, swell, cool logo.

Independent cool logos

If your brand is about doing things your way, think of how you can show that you’re separate from the crowd. Be defiant to demonstrate independence, or show your stoic attitude to convey a cool detachment.

Logo design by Arthean
Falcon towers
Logo design by allyna for Falcon Towers
Eagle logo
Logo design by HeART for Vistaz
a stoic dog
Logo design by Mky for Radpaw
a cool wolf logo
Logo design by shaka88 for Wolf Biotherapeutics
A defiant lobster
Logo design by Art Astronaut for Defiant Lobster
A stoic lion
Logo design by ludibes

Confident cool logos

Cool means you’re sure of yourself. Cool people are happy with themselves and what they’re doing. If that’s how you want your customers to feel, a confident, knowing smile goes a long way. Even if you choose a faceless logo, posture and body language get the same message across.

Pink Pinty society
Logo design by SHANAshay for The Pink Pinty Society
Walkin’ dude
Logo design by csoki for
Happy-go-lucky lemon brain
Logo design by Art Astronaut for Life Sucks Lemonade Co.
Happy-go-lucky beaver
Logo design by Art Astronaut

Unique cool logos

Your business is as unique as you. You make something that’s different, or provide an existing service in an original way. You can create a unique, cool logo the same way. Put images together that don’t normally belong to create unexpected combinations.

Coffee on tap
Logo design by Quita for OnTap Coffee
Hummingbird oragami
Logo design by Tee™
A cow/coffee pot combination
This unique design has the added bonus of handmade font (see below). Logo design by nevergohungry for Traum Kuh
A bomb donut
Logo design by austinminded

Subtle cool logos

Cool doesn’t announce itself. It simply is. If your brand doesn’t fit with a big, splashy logo, a wordmark or lettermark could be the way to go. An evocative font creates a subtle kind of coolness.

Is your product cool because it’s hand-crafted? Use a hand-written font. Is it sleek and modern? Use a thin, angular font. As long as it fits, you’ll know it’s cool when you see it.

A sophisticated thin font
Logo design by ludibes
A hand-written font
Logo design by nnorth
A big 3 logo
Logo design by vinayak hegde
An evocative font
Logo design by Piasecki for tripfez
Thin font matching the logo
Logo design by allyna for Lavanta
A thin, silver font
Logo design by allyna for The Silver Linings Group

Old-school cool logos

Cool has been with us for a long time, and it takes a special kind of cool to last. If your brand calls back to a bygone era, or if you seek a timeless quality, look to the past. This can involve retro fonts or historical art styles.

Retro future robot
Logo design by surfacing™ for Robo Bartending
60s cool font
Logo design by PurdyLogo™
Shining, old timey font
Logo design by GURU23 for Street Food Guelph
A far east font combined with an old logo
Logo design by HeART for Raja Weds Rani
Traditional Aztec-style logo
Logo design by CHAMBER 5 for Superpower Peanut Butter

Mysterious cool logos

Everyone has a different idea of cool, and a mysterious logo lets your customer project their own version onto your brand. Lean into that with an ambiguous, intriguing wordmark that leaves your business room to pivot or expand without pinning you down.

Thin, angular font
Logo design by VU design
An abstract shape similar to a W
Logo design by Marija…
A bat-like shape
The client used AMA as initials for many years and reversed this to AWA, which in turn suggested Awake as a business name. Designer Ian Douglas created a mark which purposely echoes W and M within the form of a bat. Design by Ian Douglas for Awake
A moon logo evoking the letter D
The moon in this logo subtly creates a DD lettermark. Logo design by aleT for Danville Digital
Geometric logo in the shape of a V
Logo design by ludibes
Thin font with gold leaf
Logo design by szurikátá

Bold cool logos

If you really want to make an impression, try and combine all of the above. A bold design stands out from the crowd (which is cool), hints at a deeper meaning (very cool), and yet still retains unique and ineffable qualities. All of these logos imply a meaning, but they don’t come right out and tell you.

A wave logo
The Argo was the ship on which Jason sailed in search of the golden fleece. Here a circle represents the world, and a flat line the littoral of the ocean, on which Jason set out. Logo design by Ian Douglas for Argo
A cannibis tree
A tree-like logo design by Ian Douglas
Stacked blocks resembling a hotel tower
Logo design by nnorth
Coffee cup logo
Logo design by RedLogo
Colorful, connected dots
Logo design by SSJ Blue™ for Central Technology Solutions
An abstract shape
Logo design by shaka88 for aMa-Architecture, Inc
Big, triangular shapes
Always consider what your logo looks like over photos, if you plan on using them in marketing materials. Logo design by betiobca
A mountainous logo
The client was looking for a luxurious, high end mark that would relevant to his location in Finland. Designer Ian Douglas created a composite abstract letter form (A) that would also invoke “mountain” for Arctic-Lux
Bold logo in the shape of books
Logo design by Minimalissio

You, too, can be cool.

Those were 41 logos that I think are cool. But you probably have your own idea of what’s cool, don’t you? It’s as specific and special to you as your business. But you’ll need help to get that unique vision out into the world. Take a look at these great 99designs designers, then start a design contest today!

A cool logo is just around the corner?
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