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25 square logos to keep you on point

There are many reasons to choose a square logo design. Square logos can represent a wide variety of things including strength, reliability, structure and organization. If these sound like values that resonate with your business, keep reading! We’ve rounded up some inspirational examples that will spark your imagination and show you why it’s hip to be square.

Square logos that show strength

by sheva™

Squares are one of the building blocks of our civilization. They can be seen everywhere from architectural design to money safes. For these reasons they often give viewers the impression of strength—and many companies take advantage of this in their logo designs.

Take the BearBox logo, which represents a company that installs mobile data centers in challenging conditions. The square shape of the bear logo gives consumers the impressions that the data centers are strong and resilient against any element that they may encounter. Similarly, the square logo for MainDoor has a bold and strong appearance, which is perfect for a company that offers maintenance services for fire doors. Does your company offer a service that relates to strength and resilience? Try out a square logo in your next design!

Square logos that emphasize geometry

Squares are one of the most fundamental geometric shapes, which makes them great for businesses related to topics such as 3D printing, interior design or even an art academy. We especially love how the logo for George Vincent features multiple asymmetrical geometric lines within a square, which speak well to the interior design services offered by this business. Does simple geometry relate to your business? Start here for inspiration!

Square logos that represent structure and organization

One of the nice features of squares is that they fit neatly with other squares—think milk crates and shipping boxes. For these reasons squares give the impression of structure and organization.

Looking at squares from this angle, we can see why a square logo would work great for a company that designs residential neighborhoods, a business that sells treats in neatly packed squares or even a company that offers a perfectly organized sock subscription service. Does your business take pride in structure and organization? Try a square logo for you next design!

Square logos that highlight simplicity

Squares are extremely simple. They feature four sides of the same length, four corners of the same angle and most importantly they hold no surprises. That’s why it’s a good idea to use a square logo to target customers who like their shopping experience to be simple and easy. Think baby products for parents, luxury brands with a minimalist aesthetic or even simple tech products that are particularly easy to use. Does your company offer something minimalist and simple with no surprises? Start here for inspiration.

Breaking the square

Square logo that breaks out of the box
by fatboyjim

Squares also offer a framework to break out of, which makes them great for businesses that want to show customers that they think outside the box—literally. The square logos above represent an art discovery search engine, a custom home/office art website with a mockup web app, and shaker cups for the fitness industry to name a few. If your business also breaks the norm or has something to offer that hasn’t yet been thought of, don’t hesitate to break out of the square!

Think inside and outside the box

Having seen the examples above, you should now have a better idea of how squares might apply to your next logo design. There’s so much you can do with a simple shape if you think outside the box. If any of the categories we’ve covered relate to your business values, don’t hesitate to revisit this article for inspiration as your next logo takes shape (within a square, of course).

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