Transfer subscription purchases to clients or other users with a click

Until yesterday if you needed to transfer a subscription to a client or another user you had to submit a ticket and one of our Happiness Engineers would transfer it on your behalf.

But no longer! You can now self-initiate a subscription transfer which can then be accepted or rejected by the user you nominate. Read on to learn more.

Simplifying subscription management

Over the past few months, we have been working on simplifying subscription management. Oftentimes the person who buys an extension isn’t the person who needs access to it, or should be billed for the renewal.

The new feature we’ve introduced gives the subscription purchaser the ability to self-initiate and control transfers directly from their account dashboard.

This puts more control in customers’ hands enabling them to more easily manage extensions across multiple accounts and improves their client’s experience including a more seamless handover when a project is complete.

Transferring subscriptions between accounts could be applicable and used to solve the following scenarios:

  • Consolidating purchases across multiple accounts into one account
  • Handing over all the extensions related to a specific site to a client once development has been completed, along with the billing
  • Transferring ownership of an extension purchased on behalf of someone else or a company/agency

How it works & things to note

If you would like to check out the new feature head to your My Account dashboard on

If it’s a screen you’re familiar with you’ll spot some small design changes in the My Subscriptions page, including a link to Transfer a specific subscription once you’ve popped out the respective drop-down details:

All purchases have an option to be transferred (with the exception of bundles which are still transferred by submitting a ticket.)

To initiate a transfer all you need is the registered account email of the person that you would like to transfer the subscription to.

After you have initiated a transfer the person receiving the extension will receive an email and a notification in their My Account dashboard asking them to accept (or reject) the transfer.

All the technical details will be handled in the backend – easy.

Some important things to note:

  • The actual transfer process can not be canceled after a transferred extension has been accepted by the person receiving the extension
  • The billing for the subscription transfers to the new owner of the extension in the transfer process.

To read more about the exact steps involved in transferring an extension you can read more about it in our documentation for this new feature.

We hope this makes it easier to build sites for others and hand over subscriptions seamlessly. We’ll be back with announcements of new account management features soon.

Original article written by Gary Murray >

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