The YubiKey as the WebAuthn Root of Trust

The new web authentication standard, WebAuthn, that was recently announced by W3C, is rapidly gaining adoption by leading platforms and services. WebAuthn is an evolution of the FIDO U2F standard, spearheaded by Yubico and Google, and successfully deployed since 2014 by millions of users with YubiKey security keys. Yubico helped to create WebAuthn to extend the standard beyond external security keys to include new internal built-in fingerprint readers and facial recognition technologies. Having these choices is important to drive widespread support for simple, strong and passwordless authentication methods.  

In this new authentication landscape, an external security key, such as the YubiKey, takes on the important role of a root of trust. As users move between different platforms and computing devices, having this portable root of trust is essential for enabling rapid bootstrapping on new devices and for recovering when devices are lost, stolen or replaced.

Below is a roundup of some of the best use cases for an external hardware-based authenticator:

  • Device Loss, Theft, or Compromise —In the case that a phone or computer is lost, stolen or replaced, the YubiKey can be used as an easy method to re-establish trust with online accounts and re-register the internal authenticator on a new device. With an external root of trust like the YubiKey, where the user’s credential cannot be tampered with, it allows a high degree of trust to be transferred from device to device and establish all of them as a trusted entity, thereby protecting the account.
  • Multi-Device Access — In today’s digital age, users rarely work from a single device or platform. It’s common to move from a mobile device to desktop, laptop, or tablet, and even between personal and work devices. Having a portable external authenticator that can work across computing devices makes these transitions seamless. With options to connect via NFC, USB-A, USB-C, and soon Lightning, the YubiKey meets the needs of every internet user.
  • Mobile-Restricted Environments — Not all work environments allow employees or contractors to have a mobile phone. Call centers, manufacturing floors, and remote locations are some of the environments where a hardware authenticator is a preferred solution.
  • High Security Applications — Without ties to the internet or a multi-purpose chip or computing device, the attack vector naturally becomes much smaller on an external hardware authenticator. There are certain scenarios where services may choose to require step-up authentication to complete a high-risk action, such as transferring a large sum of money between bank accounts, or updating an address. The YubiKey can be used as an additional form of validation and quickly re-verify the user before the action is taken.  
  • Uninterrupted Access – We designed the YubiKey to provide optimal levels of durability. It is crush and water resistant and does not require batteries, so it eliminates the chance of the device being uncharged.
  • Integration with Legacy Systems — Most enterprises use a variety of systems, platforms, and devices, and not all of these support newer authentication standards such as FIDO and WebAuthn. Also, for use cases that require a corporate credential for computer login and remote access, digital signatures for code signing, key escrow for email encryption, or privilege access for older operating environments, the YubiKey’s multi-protocol functionality helps address a wider range of enterprise security needs.  
  • Authentication Backup — Regardless of how users are securing their accounts, it is always a best practice to have a backup method in case the primary method of authentication is lost, stolen, broken, or inaccessible. The YubiKey is an affordable, simple option that users can carry on their keychain, tuck into a wallet, or store in a safe place for convenient access at any time.

With a growing list of strong authentication options supported by WebAuthn, and the ability to solve use cases across device type, operating system and service, now is the time for companies to add WebAuthn to their services. Developers can take advantage of Yubico’s developer resources to extend user authentication options. To try out the WebAuthn authentication experience please visit the Yubico WebAuthn demo site.

There are more than 3 billion people in the world connected to the internet who need — and deserve — a better more secure experience. Let’s work together toward making the internet a safer place for everyone!

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