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17 August 2015: AusRegistry today launched Edition 4 of the industry magazine Behind the Dot – State of the .au Domain. This quarter the 2015 .au Survey report, AusRegistry and auDA’s annual research initiative, has been included (alongside the regular statistics and updates) making it the most comprehensive edition yet.

The inclusion of the annual .au Survey report, which attracted over 3,000 respondents across the general Australian population, has spurred a number of Behind the Dot articles which examine the survey findings in greater detail.
Some of the findings of the 2015 .au survey include:

  • Two thirds of respondents who hold .au are doing so because it’s the most popular domain type in Australia and/or best represents Australian organisations.
  • Two thirds of respondents are more likely to trust a website ending with .au.
  • Three quarters of respondents are likely to provide accurate personal information if it’s a secure site.
  • Majority of respondents who hold .au domains think the level of regulation is right.
  • Awareness of new generic Top-Level Domains (new gTLDs) is low.

When comparing the 2015 survey findings to the 2014 survey findings, it was revealed:

  • Proportion of respondents holding domain names has remained steady.
  • Proportion of respondents holding .au do
    main names has decreased.
  • High security consciousness amongst Australian Internet Users has increased.
  • Respondents using domain names to navigate to content has dropped.
  • Number of business owners holding domain names has remained steady.
  • Use of social media for business use has dropped.

The magazine’s cover is a wonderful tribute to .au’s recent 3 million domains milestone an event that has prompted a great article about the future of .au and the next 3 million .au domains – it’s a fascinating read.

The complete set of survey tables summarising all survey results are available to organisations wishing to examine the survey findings in greater detail. The survey tables can be requested by emailing

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