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The 8 best Squarespace designers for hire in 2018

With its pre-designed templates, Squarespace makes it easy for even less tech-savvy people to build a website. Entrepreneurs who want to take their websites to the next level can have designers create custom themes. A custom Squarespace theme is the best of both worlds: the ease of Squarespace and a truly unique website that fits your brand and drives conversions.

If you plan to take this route, you need to hire a custom Squarespace theme designer. Not a WordPress theme designer, not a Wix designer and not a web designer who custom-codes their designs. There are many platforms for building websites out there, and they all have different design and development rules.

The 8 best freelance Squarespace designers to hire in 2018

1. Pyrolectric

Top Level     5.00 stars, 20 reviews

Specialties: Squarespace design, Web page design, Web page design (coded)

2. ninatailles

Top Level     4.94 stars, 17 reviews

Specialties: Squarespace design, Web page design, Landing page design

3. Janneke

Top Level     5.00 stars, 17 reviews

Specialties: Squarespace design, Web page design, App design

4. jpsdesign

Top Level     5.00 stars, 29 reviews

Specialties: Squarespace design, Web page design, WordPress theme design

5. BMStudios

Top Level     5.00 stars, 10 reviews

Specialties: Squarespace design, Web page design, Landing page design

6. cpgdesign

Top Level     5.00 stars, 17 reviews

Specialties: Squarespace design, Web page design, Product packaging

7. Pinch Studio

Top Level     4.96 stars, 47 reviews

Specialties: Squarespace design, Web page design, Illustration or graphics

8. Jonathan Morgan

Top Level     5.0 stars, 7 reviews

Specialties: Squarespace design, App design, Web page design


How did we choose these as the top Squarespace designers?

You’ll find plenty of custom Squarespace theme designers on 99designs. To make it easier for you to find the perfect designer for your website, we chose 8 designers who we feel really knock their designs out of the park. Our top picks are at the top of their game in quality, experience with Squarespace and professionalism.


hiring Squarespace website design
by Pyrolectric

To be one of our top picks, a Squarespace designer has to be a top level designer. We organize designers into three tiers:

  • Entry level
  • Mid level
  • Top level

A top level designer is one who has a robust portfolio full of attractive designs that met and exceeded clients’ expectations. Top level designers don’t use existing ideas, they consistently create original design concepts and translate them into templates that work with Squarespace’s platform.

Experience with Squarespace design

A top web designer is not necessarily a top level Squarespace designer. Designing websites that work on any platform means playing by that platform’s rules. Although a skilled designer doesn’t have to be a skilled coder, familiarity with coding and Squarespace’s API certainly helps.


Website designers are providing a service, and a lack of professionalism detracts from the quality of the service the client receives. Our top freelance Squarespace designers have records of clear communication with their clients, prompt response rates and a willingness to incorporate constructive criticism into their design revisions to deliver website designs that match their clients’ visions.

What to think about when hiring a Squarespace designer

legal squarespace design
by Dare to Fly

When you’ve decided to build your website with Squarespace and you’re ready to hire the right designer for the job, keep the following in mind as you evaluate designer portfolios:

  • Have they designed websites in your niche before? What works for a tutoring website isn’t necessarily what works for a movie review blog. Look for designers who’ve designed websites like yours, websites that target the audience you’re targeting.
  • Do the websites in their portfolio make you want to take whatever action you’re supposed to take, like buying an item or reading more of their content? Remember, conversions are critical.
  • Do their designs incorporate the integrations you plan to use with your website, like Apple Pay or Zapier? If a designer can’t design with consideration for the integrations you use, they’re not the designer for your website.
  • It’s obvious, but it’s worth mentioning: does the designer actually have experience working with Squarespace? You might find an awesome website designer, but if their experience is only with WordPress themes or Weebly, they’re not the right designer for your website. Every website platform has different limits, options and idiosyncrasies. If you want a Squarespace website that looks great and works well, you need to work with a designer who knows their way around its back end.

Are you ready to hire a skilled Squarespace designer?

The right designer for your Squarespace site is a designer who has a track record of designing websites that convert visitors. This goes beyond just having an eye for aesthetics. It means knowing how to blend intuitive navigation, buttons that pop and other functional web elements with aesthetics to build a design that works well and looks great.

Don’t worry if the Squarespace designers we listed aren’t doing it for you. 99designs can connect you with lots of experienced, talented designers, and we’re sure you’ll find one who can give you exactly what you’re looking for. Search our platform for the perfect designer for your website.

Want more Squarespace designer choices?
Our global community of designers can create just about anything.

Original article written by 99designs Designer Quality Team >

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