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Koken CMS Build For Photographers

Built for photography

With Koken CMS, your images are your most important asset. Koken treats your images with the attention they deserve by including a full-featured management interface that looks and feels like a desktop application.

Work and words, together

Write about portfolio updates, inspiration, or anything that comes to mind. Images, videos, slideshows and content from Flickr, Instagram, Vimeo, SoundCloud andTwitter are a snap to display.

Includes live site previewing and editing

With Koken, you can setup your navigation, add pages, and edit your site’s color and layout with simple point-and-click controls. No HTML experience required.

Themes and plugins

As with other popular CMS (Content Management Systems), with Koken you can browse, select and install themes and plugins through an integrated store. Everything downloads and installs automatically to your Koken CMS installation.
Koken CMS Themes Plugins Store

It Syncs with your Adobe Lightroom

Free Koken publish services plugin for Lightroom is available to upload, edit or replace images from inside Adobe Lightroom.

Koken includes

Simple theme controls

Edit your site’s color, layout, typefaces and more with a point-and-click floating panel of options. No HTML experience needed.

Custom CSS editor

Append styles to any theme through an inline CSS editor. Edits immediately appear in the live site preview.

Independent Drafts

Independent draft and live site states so you may make behind-the-scenes changes without affecting your live site.

Navigation builder

Add and remove navigation links with one click. Assign front pages, edit labels, filter data and more.

Live preview

See all site edits instantly inside the site editor. Build exactly the site you want then publish when ready.

Content Filters

Edit page content order and visibility using tags, categories, favorites or featured criteria.

No advertising

Koken CMS sets the stage for you, not for Koken. Koken CMS sites display no advertising, badges or promotional links.

Koken is included as a self installing applications with all Connect 2u2 Web Technology Cloud Hosting Plans.