CodeGuard – Why Website Monitoring Matters?

CodeGuard Backup Website Monitoring

Ever thought about how you’d find out about your site getting hacked? If your site is hacked, it could be days or weeks before you even know about it. Hackers don’t need to deface your site to spread malware to your visitors and get you blacklisted by Google. CodeGuard protects you against this with change alert emails. While monitoring your site, if we detect any changes you receive notification from us instantly so that you are always aware of what is happening on your site.

Since November 2016 we are offering CodeGuard Website Backup, Monitoring, Security and Restore services.

Get automatically notified of unauthorized changes

Because CodeGuard keeps every version of your web site – clean or compromised – in its secure repository, our proprietary algorithms will know, in as little as a few minutes, if your online presence has been altered without your permission. Not only do we keep you actively informed about your website’s health, but we also give you the options to configure how often you would like monitoring to occur with your site, and how often, if ever, you would like to be notified about it.

CodeGuard Email Notifications