Preparing quotes for your business

Preparing Quotes For Your Business

Preparing quotes for your business

Check out our tips to ensure you’re quoting your customer correctly…

A quote tells your customers how much you’ll charge and what your terms of service are. If a customer accepts your quote, it becomes a legally binding contract.

Benefits of preparing good quotes

Preparing good quotes can have many advantages for your business, such as:

  • being more competitive by showing a professional image
  • higher profitability by offering your goods at the right price
  • lower legal risk.

Tips to prepare good quotes

Developing great quoting skills is important to help you win work and build a customer base.

3 top tips to quoting:

  1. put your quotes in writing to avoid confusion and misunderstandings
  2. satisfy customers by better managing expectations
  3. aim for a profitable return.

To learn more about preparing quotes, read the Business Queensland Preparing a business quote guide.

What to include in a quote

A well written quote shows your professionalism and protects your business from legal and financial risks. Here is what you should include on your quoting document:

  • your business details
  • total and the breakdown of costs
  • variations and revisions
  • payment terms and conditions
  • preferred payment method
  • schedule of work with a quote expiry date
  • customer acceptance signature.

Find out more about what to include in a quote, check out the Business Queensland What to include in a quote information.

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