Businesses get $5 million to help jump-start their innovative ideas in the global market

Businesses get $5 million to help jump-start their innovative ideas in the global market

11 Australian businesses offered commercialisation grants.

11 Australian businesses will share in $5 million from the Accelerating Commercialisation element under the Entrepreneurs’ Programme to undertake commercialisation activities to bring their new products, processes and services into domestic and international markets.

What are the grants for?

The grants help Australian entrepreneurs, researchers and small and medium businesses find commercialisation solutions. Commercialisation Advisers from the Programme will help ensure businesses get the advice and support needed to improve their competitiveness, productivity and to seek growth opportunities.

To date 264 Australian businesses have benefited from the commercialisation funding provided under the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

Learn more about the about Accelerating Commercialisation grants.

Who are the successful recipients?

The latest round of funding will assist: 

  • Commercialising a battery-less jump-starter for the automotive or marine sectors, that can charge off a failed or discharged battery using its residual energy.
  • Developing a stretcher loading system that rapidly loads ambulance stretchers carrying critically ill and injured patients into aircraft without lifting by paramedics.
  • Testing the commercial viability of a cloud-based online mediation tool to help dispute resolution professionals reach faster and cheaper resolutions for parties and redirect smaller matters away from courts and tribunals.
  • Commercialising and scaling-up a pre-fabricated building system that enables large-scale buildings projects to be delivered faster, more cost effectively and at a higher quality than with conventional building materials and processes.

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