International Missing Children’s Day

Each year, 25 May is designated as a day to reflect on the tragedy of missing and exploited children. From 5 to 25 May, we will be showing banners on our sites to draw attention to this tragedy and direct interest to the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children where more information is available.

May 25 was established as Missing Children’s Day in the US by President Ronald Reagan in 1983 and spread world-wide in 2001. The International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children coordinates the ‘Help Bring Them Home’ Campaign in 22 countries, in conjunction with International Missing Children’s Day, to spotlight the issue of child abduction around the world, and to suggest to parents some steps they can take to protect their children.

As Missing Children’s Day is considered, we confirm that we do not tolerate use of our systems, hosting, data exchange or social networking to share illegal content and we will support authorities with investigation and prosecution of all allegations of child pornography and child abuse material.