Student Perspective: Whose Internet? Our Internet.

Stop for a second and imagine people in a tech company. Who do you see? A whole group full of one color or one group made of many colors? Which company do you think succeeds more in the industry and makes more money?

Believe it or not, it’s the company with different colors. Let me explain. According to CNBC’s article “Silicon Valley’s Achilles Heel Threatens to Topple its Supremacy in Innovation,” 47 percent of millenials want to work at diverse companies. Therefore, a company with diversity is more likely to be considered as a job for millenials than a company without.

Another reason why a company with diversity succeeds more is because workers feel more comfortable in inclusive environments. “At an individual level,” the article says, “many workers remain passionate about creating inclusive workplaces” as diversity progresses in Silicon Valley.

I, as a Filipino American female student, can confirm that when I look at a tech company with all white males, I feel a bit intimidated. I can better relate to tech companies, and companies in general, if they have people who look more like me. I’m sure that many other minorities feel the same way.

Diversity is a valuable asset to a company. With it, a company is inclusive and succeeds more in the industry. Companies with diversity make more money and are more popular with minorities and millenials. Some companies without diversity might argue that workers feel more comfortable with workers that look like themselves, and they are right, in a way!

The same goes with minorities, who would feel more comfortable and would work better with people that look like them. So in conclusion, companies with diversity succeed more in the industry and make more money because more people want to support and work with people who look like themselves.

By Gisele C., De Marillac Academy

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