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You’re doing homework and then have to search something up. You click on this website and you completely forget about your assignments. You just got clickbaited and are now distracted. This is a huge problem.

This is important since it leads you to be off task and not finish your main work. No progress would be made except for random things. For example, in an article on SocialMediaToday, “The Science Behind Buzzfeed’s Viral Content,” it says, “They’re often heavy on the images . . . and light on the content.”

This means that the article is trying to get you distracted and also trying to clickbait you. The article also says that “. . . the site is widely known for this easy-to-digest “clickbait” style content.”

This means people would be more attracted to it. Some people might say that if there will be more views, there will be more money to the creator. But, this just means that the owner took the easy way out. They actually didn’t try to make good content. One time during my life I was doing a homework assignment and got distracted. It was a few hours later and I still haven’t finished anything. This is why clickbait is bad.

Cymreiy P.
De Marillac Academy

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