Mozilla celebrates 24 incredible women on International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, Mozilla’s Twitter feed will be filled with the stories of extraordinary women who have used the web to change the world. Every hour on the hour we’ll feature a new story that will leave you as inspired as we are.

Today we want to celebrate not just these women, but also all the women who continue to make an impact. An inclusive web is one in which every woman’s unique contribution is welcomed. We aren’t there yet, but as we work to get closer, the experience online and IRL grows richer for everyone.

Gathering these stories of artists, advocates, inventors and everyday heroes has been an incredible experience for everyone involved. This is a day to celebrate women, and we will. We’ll also reflect on the work left to do to create a web where all women have the ability to participate, without threat or discrimination.

Please head over to Twitter to read about these amazing women.

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