Manage passwords to help manage your life

People should worry more about their passwords because people could easily hack you if you have a weak password. If you get hacked, people could know things that are personal to you and potentially control your life. Someone could be nagging you to do things or else they might spread your private information like your bank account, phone number, passwords and where you live.

Ways to avoid this are by changing your password every couple of months or having it written down somewhere where you know you’ll never lose it. What I do to not get hacked is I have different usernames and passwords but I keep them all on a document so I never lose it and so I don’t get hacked.

“The finding that the general public is suffering from security fatigue is important because it has implications in the workplace and in people’s everyday lives,” says psychologist and co-author Brian Stanton in a National Institute of Standards and Technology article, “‘Security Fatigue’ Can Cause Computer Users to Feel Hopeless and Act Recklessly.”

In my opinion, from ads about this type of stuff the most important thing is to have different passwords or to change them every few months. Now that you know this information, I want you to go and either change your passwords every few months or keep all your different passwords in a document, because your accounts will now be safer than ever.

Zeus C.
De Marillac Academy

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