Hope for the future this International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, Firefox is raising awareness against bias, and raising a hand for equality.

We went to women in tech whose work we admire and asked them: what do you hope for women on the web? Here’s what they had to say:

More empowerment, less harassment

A theme emerged among responses to our prompt that could become a motto for how we achieve the web we want this year and every year after: more empowerment, less harassment.

Mozilla’s mission from the beginning has been to ensure that the internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all, and empowerment is certainly a part of what we strive for. We’re committed to an internet that includes all people of the earth—where a person’s demographic characteristics don’t determine their online access, opportunities or quality of experience.

The more diverse and inclusive we can make the web, the better it will be for everyone.


If you’re interested in learning about online gender inclusion — and inclusion overall — check out:

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Positive attitude or mind-setup of men against women empowerment or gender balance

More Women who genuinly believe strong in them selfs,and not look at this as a GET EVEN stage
A woman must love them selfs and believe in themselfs to really get a head in life.

You said a powerful thing right there Mike…Too many times we as women may want to get even, but we should not try to get even, we should celebrate our difference from men. We should thank God that we can make a wonderful difference in the world, for the better.

That is right Alam! … There should always be a positive attitude, all over the world, towards women working and it should never be about gender. It should be about a human being trying to make a living in this world.


If women would just stick together and have each other’s back, we could be truly powerful! 🙂

All men don’t harass Woman. I least I don’t. I love, and respect women. I have 2 daughters, and my mother was a woman. I do notice a lot woman seem to harass other women, and look for confrontations with other women. All men are created equal, however there are men who do harass, and abuse women. Is my observation. I also feel that if a female is able, and capable of doing the job of a male they should be compensated and treated with respect equally as a male.

Edward, that is a lovely message. I know many men who would never dream of harassing women, online or not. Power to all of us to expose and ridicule these men until they stop doing it.

I hope that some day women will be making the same money as men if they are doing the same job. I also hope that men will get out of the business of telling women what they should/could do about abortion. It is the woman’s body, let her make the decision and her alone. Men have no business telling her what she should do with her body.

“This International Women’s Day, Firefox is raising awareness against bias, and raising a hand for equality.” Yet one of the people in the video said thay they hope that the percentage of women working in tech will be higher than the percentage of men working in tech. That’s not equality. The woman that hopes for a higher percentage of women tech workers is being bias against men, is Firefox raising awareness against her? I don’t think men or women should have more rights or less rights. However I really doubt the percentage of women in specific jobs will ever remain equal to the percentage of men in specific jobs even if their rights are changed. The percentage can’t just become equal because people want it to be.

I think women of all the world especially Ukraine be treated fairly don’t have to be sexually harassed or harassed at all in general it’s not right women deserve better thank you very much

Yes Timothy, I agree with you!…. Although, we as women are not men and can never be as a man, we still need to be treated with love and respect. Every one in this world should be able to work in peace and not be harassed when all we want to do is feed our families.

I think women and men are human being created by God to leave in harmony with each other. Women can do whatever a man can do. However the issue of women being harassed is basically the individual attitude towards women. Yes we have some women with bad attitudes and others are even better peace makers in the family, that some men can not do. To me both men and women should respect each other’s value and opinion. If we talk about women’s weakness, all of us have weakness but we should consider strength rather then focusing more on the women’s weakness. Those men who are still planning to harass women let hem stop doing that this year 2019. thank you

The only thing that keeps all of this happening is YOU! As Helen Redding once said, ” you are woman, you are strong”! Nothing is stopping any of you from doing all of what you are saying you hope happens.
P.S. Is there ever going to be a “Mans” day? You all had or have fathers, don’t you?

الاسلام اعز المرأةواعطاها كل حقوقها ولاكن لازالت في بعض بلادنا العربيه تعامل المرأة بطريقة الجاهلية الاولى

Islam is the most cherished woman, and all her rights are given, but in some of our Arab countries women are still treated in the first ignorance
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Diversity is such a nothing burger. CEO’s love it because it’s 4 hours of nothing talk.
One is good regardless of it’s gender, that’s is common sense, no need for movements or politics, or ‘funds’.

Just an opinion.

As I get older I have noted a lot of change towards, how everyone wants to be heard and have there one personal opinion towards everything.
I think that it is good for one grow, evolve and voices to be heard.
As long as you never change loving others for who they are first, before trying to change ones perception or opinions.
Weather we are a Man or a Women, love one another/ Stop all Violence in the “World”.

Quando i diritti della donna saranno interpretati allo stesso livello di quelli dell’uomo, vorrà dire che l’evoluzione degli esseri umani avrà finalmente un senso logico e vitale.

Nice video. Thank you. I share all the women’s remarks and aspirations. Young women take the Internet for granted; we-the-fossils still say, “Wow.” It’s The Best of Humankind, and The Worst (underbelly) of Humankind, but it’s WOMEN who will always work tirelessly to keep it The BEST.

perhaps women should show the same respect and not use these empowerment moments as a means to roll over others

Not a comment on Woman’s Day. I keep trying to make Firefox my go to browser but microsoft won’t let me. So how do I get around edge?

Hi Danie, if you are using Windows 10, try this: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-change-your-default-browser-windows-10

Phobia of either background shouldn’t be allowed.

I am 89 now and find that the work place is still biased in their opinions as to older women
working at the front desks of a company. If you are over 35 and not overly made up with
cosmetics, your outfit not tight and revealing, you are put in the back rooms to do work that
will be needed, but you will NOT be seen or heard of, even though you have worked hard
and worked your way up the ladder, and have been in one particular company for 20 years
or more, you are OLD.

First, man and women are equal ! Our bodies are similar to animal bodies but better developed ! But different to animals, we have a soul, spirit or what ! There is no female or male spirit or soul !
Second, In the USA, each state has two senators, one should be male and one should be female. A man should not represent women, women can do it them self, they are smart enough. Some men would also support them. That means, they have the majority when it comes for laws regarding them? For men it would be similar? The laws in this country would be better ?
Even Pakistan had a female prime minister, when do we have in the US our first female president ?
By the way, Pakistan is a Muslim country !

I hope you dont pull a “Gillette” on us Mozilla. Please dont…
Dont dive into topics you should have nothing to do and say about.
Keep the saying “A cobbler should stick to his last.” by heart if you want last long

I agree with all of these… except for ONE item in Tara Robinson’s list: sex workers. I do NOT support anyone who supports sex trafficking (or any other type of it) of women, of children, or of men.

If women pursue tech and they are as capable as others in the field, there shouldn’t be any barriers to their success: this is already the legal position of the US and the overwhelming practise of American business owners. At the same time, women do not have a special right to be artificially granted positions in businesses over anyone else. All businesses operate on relatively meritocratic standards and they live or die by the judgements they make in hiring one person over another, as well as promoting. Equality under the law has nothing to do with imposed retirbution quotas to push the number of men in a field down. The only women who seem held back in tech are those who feel entitled to privileges that none of the people in the tech industry currently have or have ever had. This is not a call for equality you are making; it is a call for forced equality of outcome, concerned with genitals more than equal citizens competing in the job market of an industry. This is why no one laments the lacking of women in industries such as hazardous waste removal. For some reason “women” only seek “equality” in sexy, trending, high paying, low risk job markets.

Most of what I have ever seen from this company has been about free access for people to privacy on the internet and unbiased, unpolitical transparency–these posts are ideological drivel. What you’re speaking about is not equality and you shouldn’t corrupt the word by tying it to propaganda for equality of outcome; something which only exists when we embrace coercive power over equality under the law and individual liberty. No one wants women out of tech. No one wants talented tech minds of any identity unsupported. The arbitrary and asinine goal of equalizing the number of vaginas and penises in any industry is ridiculous. True equality is equality in the eyes of the law, not special entitlements to be dolled out whenever complaints are raised. It is about removing barriers that needlessly restrict opportunity, not using coercion or claims of moral superiority to demand specific and ideological outcomes. There is also nothing stopping women from getting together and creating their own companies and hiring as many other women as they see fit–except that those complaining the most seem the least likely to put in such long and difficult work and sacrifice.

More importantly, I think you should be ashamed as a company for using a day about women in general to promote the tiny minority ideology of equality of outcome. This shallow philosophy hurts women as much as anyone else and is in direct conflict with core American principles of law and liberty: it is an attempt to make coercion politically and socially acceptable. Women are far more than employees and feminine wisdom is being disparaged and forgotten amid all of the manic, hyperbolic politization of women. When I think about the most important women in my life and why they are so dear to me, never once do I consider what career they had or how much money they hoarded or invested–and I thank god they weren’t mimicing stereotypical workaholic men. Women should be appreciated and respected beyond their capacity as workers; and their dedication to family and their communities should be seen as more important than their income–because it is! Women do amazing things all of the time and overcome incredible obstacles and make sacrifices that no one will ever give them credit for and all you can think to speak on is their artificial inflation as tech drones. Get out of your bubble and pay attention to women rather than activists.

And I hate to break it to you, but inclusion and diversity are not achieved through surface-level discrimination, which your company seems to be radically embracing. The good news is that actually being diverse and inclusive is far, far simpler and inconceivably easy to maintain over time: YOU SIMPLY STOP JUDGING EVERYONE BASED ON THEIR APPEARANCE!!! That’s right, instead of making it into some sort of delusional quest that requires dedicated work, reverse discrimination, and pseudo-empathy, you drop the entire act and treat everyone of all skin colors and all genders and of whichever sex as individual people expressing themselves in a free society. You cannot go wrong from here. This is true equality and inclusion and it creates diversity organically, naturally, and sustainably, because diversity does not lie in the surface appearance or genitals of your employees, but in their individuality. What you are trying to impose upon yourselves now, is disriminatory, shallow, arbitrary, unsustainable, and incredibly biased and partial. You’re making something so easy and pure, impossibly complicated and false. You are running away from true inclusion and diversity by arrogantly reverse-discriminating in an attempt to correct a problem which you have overblown dramatically. What happens when you fully “include and diversify”? The groups you deliberately reverse-discriminated against will become the new groups you have to fight for at the expense of those you previously “saved”.


Thanks to mozilla community.
I hope for equal opportunity for all humans around the world.

I have the upmost respect for all of Our women & young lady’s there’s power In numbers cheers if i ever get to the point where to need staff you bet yah there be equal rights Look @ the IBM brilliant Lady i had the pleasure of watching a podcast with her in it what a pleasure i raised to be informed by a lady of this statue, My mother and i raised my first Granddaughter she’s fishing up her first
year of nursing school and amazes me at her intelligences everyday you know the old saying
behind every good man there’s a women. Happy Lady’s Day.

Michael Peoni

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