A Data Detox for a healthier, balanced digital life

Are you in an unhealthy relationship with your data? That’s a question you might not have asked yourself not too long ago, but things are getting a little weird. With high profile data breaches, creepy ads following you around the internet, and years of old photos piling up on social media, now might be the time for a Data Detox to regain control of your digital life.

In partnership with our friends Tactical Tech, we’ve created a Data Detox to help remove any toxic data build up. It’s an 8-day cleanse, and with just a small daily time commitment, you finish feeling refreshed and rejuvenated online and IRL.

Look for signs through a Data Detox

Every day, we leave behind information about ourselves in the digital world: when we were at our favorite coffee shop, where we buy clothes, which one of our friends we spend the most time chatting with. Almost nothing goes unnoticed if we’re not careful.

To some public and private players, we are just another data set, but who does this data belong to and what is it being used for? There’s little time to consider this question every time we click, like and share.

The Data Detox helps you look for signs that you might not be leading a healthy, balanced digital lifestyle. It gives you practical advice so you can discover what you share, when you reveal it and to whom, and what it might mean for your life.

For example:

  • Want to learn how which apps you can use to block spying ads and invisible trackers? No problem.
  • Interested to see how much Facebook knows about you? We got this, but spoiler alert, the answer is a lot.
  • Curious which mobile browser can help you easily wipe out your entire browsing session — passwords, history and cookies? Well, it’s Focus, of course. But the Data Detox has many other recommendations for browsers and search engines that respect your privacy and make it easy to limit your digital footprint.

Make a fresh start

We think you’ll find the Data Detox experience fun and rewarding. It can also save you from embarrassing memories and even some cash — increasingly, credit rating agencies are using online data and so are insurance companies — so being mindful of your digital trail can keep you safe online and limit fees. Take the plunge and be on your way to a healthier and more in-control digital self. The power is in your hands.

Original article written by Daniel Kessler >