5 Best WordPress Facebook Pixel Plugins of 2019

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The online marketing industry is complex due to versatile business requirements, different target audiences, campaign goals, and budgets. Bringing people to visit your website is useful up to a certain point, however, wasting your money on visitors that never convert is not a positive business plan. When Facebook introduced Pixel, the public welcomed the newly released feature as a tool that will allow them to make the most of their campaigns. Since not all of us are comfortable with coding, there was a need for a plugin that will allow the seamless implementation of the code within the website. The developers heard the cries of the online community and now we have more Pixel plugins than we’d ever need. Therefore, we decided to show you some of the best options currently available.

What is Facebook Pixel and What Does it Do?

In its most basic sense, Facebook Pixel is a piece of JavaScript code that users can integrate within their websites and use it to track the activities and behavior of the people that come and visit the website. Simply put, you define the activity that you wish to track, so if you were a spellchecking service and want to know how many people come to your website to check plagiarism, Pixel allows you to track these events. The same goes for other types of events like subscribing for email notifications, visiting a certain page, leaving the website, staying on a certain page for a designated amount of time, you can track virtually anything you want. You can use this data for retargeting and more focused campaigns, which would save you money, time, and bring you exactly the type of audience you want to bring to your website, nothing goes to waste.

Facebook Pixel and WordPress

WordPress is one of the most commonly used content management systems, according to statistics more than 60 percent of websites run using this platform. As Facebook is one of the most powerful social media platforms and ads distributor, it’s logical that the integration between the two should be seamless. All one needs to do is activate the Pixel feature from Facebook, copy the tracking code and paste it into the WordPress code. However, in order to facilitate Pixel integration, developers from all over the world created a series of WordPress plugins that we can use to connect Facebook Pixel with our WordPress website.

Pixel cat

This is a free plugin that allows you automatic Pixel set up, and management without any knowledge of JavaScript, PHP, HTML, or any programming language. The Pixel cat interface allows you to set up standard events you wish to track so you can understand your audience. Furthermore, you can customize standard events so you can track specific aspects of each event. If you track purchases, you can set a price range that you wish to track. The plugin also allows you to segment your audience based on the pages they visit. So if you are running ads to enhance blog visits, you can track your progress and see if the campaign is showing the results you expected.

Insert Headers and Footers

This is an excellent solution if you wish to add more than just Facebook Pixel to your website. Unlike other WordPress plugins, this ones allows you to place Google Analytics, various CSS codes, as well as HTML, and JavaScript codes that you don’t want or don’t know how to insert manually. The main benefit of Insert Headers and Footers is that the plugin allows you to insert these pieces of code directly in Header or Footer section of your website using a simple interface, rather than having to deal with several types of plugins.

Pixel Caffeine

Another free plugin that allows you to install Facebook Pixel to your WordPress website with a single click. Pixel Caffeine simplifies audience customization and segmentation by allowing you effortlessly track exactly the types of events you wish to track. You can have full insight into purchases, email subscriptions, page views, referring sources, and practically anything you can think of. Additionally, since the plugin allows integration with Facebook Product Catalog, you can allow Pixel Caffeine to sync your store product catalog with Facebook and use a series of advanced filters to make informed promotion decisions.

WordPress Facebook Pixel

One of the best features that this plugin has to offer is a 24/7 support service that allows you to resolve any potential issues you might have. Other than that, the WP Facebook Pixel plugin automatically generates meta box for each page on your website. Therefore, you can track events on specific pages easily. Furthermore, all the features are available sitewide, meaning you don’t have to set specific instructions page by page all the time.

Facebook Pixel by PixelYourSite

Finally, we have a premium WordPress plugin that allows integration of Facebook Pixel without any coding experience, but also allows you to insert Google Analytics, and any other script you wish to implement on your website. Furthermore, with just a click you can add a Pinterest tag which is a useful addition for any user-oriented website. The plugin also allows WooCommerce integration, as well as tracking events like comments, searches, downloads, page views, and many other events that allow you to segment your audience and keep track of your campaign progress to monitor your ROI.


The online market is a wide pool of dedicated people who want to see their business flourish. IN order to combat the competition, one has to use all the tools necessary to save resources and enhance campaign effectiveness. Facebook Pixel is one of the most useful tools you could have when it comes to learning more about your visitors and retargeting your ads. We hope you’ll find these plugins useful and that they will help you make the most of your efforts.

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