A Free-trial option enabled for Doubleyoutoo hosting plans

We’ve made a noticeable change to the signup process on all Doubleyoutoo.com.au hosting plans (except VPS) so as to allow for a more secure and customer-friendly order procedure.

Doubleyoutoo new clients are now prompted to pay for the ordered hosting package only after they log into the Control Panel (Doubleyoutoo.com.au accounts only) instead of having to submit their payment information on the Doubleyoutoo.com.au order form. Also, all Doubleyoutoo.com.au customers are given a 1-month free trial period, within which customers can try out our web hosting services instead of rushing into payment contracts right from the start.

What are the benefits?

The signup process may be too painstaking for all customers who are not used to submitting tons of information at the signup. We have cleared that out and additionally we are giving an opportunity of a 1-month trial period on available plans (Shared and Semi-dedicated Cloud Hosting).

Right after filling in the password, all new customers will be logged into the Doubleyoutoo.com.au Control Panel where they will be presented with a popup window with notification on the account usage options they have at hand. Customers are now able to take advantage of a 30-day free trial period, within which they can test our hosting services and decide whether to complete their service purchase.


In order to keep our hosting platform abuse-free, we have imposed some service restrictions on the web hosting accounts in trial mode. Trial-period service restrictions include:

  • 100-outgoing-emails-per-day limit
  • PHP’s mail() functions disabled so as to prevent spam
  • File upload limit set in order to avert storage abuse
  • CPU usage limit set to 5% in order to prevent server resource abuse
  • Our global VPN server locations are disabled
  • All hosting service upgrades disabled

We have included information about the trial period specifications in the header area of the Control Panel, that you will be able to see all the time.

Coupled with the common, industry-standard 30-day money-back guarantee, it will add you an additional benefit of using our services.


The 30-day money-back guarantee will come into force as soon as you complete the signup procedure with Doubleyoutoo.com.au, be it on the first or on the last day of the trial period.

Available Hosting Plans

Doubleyoutoo all Shared Hosting Plans
Doubleyoutoo all Semi-dedicated Hosting Plans