Running a stocktake sale

Running A Stocktake Sale

Running a stocktake sale

Part three: Discover the ins and outs of stocktake sales…

Do you need to run a stocktake sale?

Completing a stocktake sale can be time consuming if your business has a lot of stock. This is why you may need to run a stocktake sale to sell, move and reduce your products and goods.

About a stocktake sale

A stocktake sale is a marketing technique to lower your stock levels, particularly at the end of the financial year, as stock often needs to be counted and valued.

The costs of doing a stocktake are higher when your business has a lot of stock. So it’s a good idea to consider running a stocktake sale before doing a stocktake.

Benefits of stocktake sales

The benefits of doing a stocktake sale can include:

  • higher sales
  • improved customer satisfaction
  • selling inventory before it goes out of season or out of date.

What to do:

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