Free mental health guide for small business advisers

Free mental health guide for small business advisers

Beyond Blue launches a guide for advisers to support small business owners.

The role of small business advisers is about more than just providing guidance on debts, accounts and assets — it’s about people. As professionals, small business advisers equip small business owners with the right information so they can run their business successfully.

Now they can also play an important role in supporting the mental wellbeing of small business owners and empowering them to look after their own mental health. Beyond Blue has developed a free resource to make it as easy as possible for small business advisers to easily find the information they need to feel confident in playing a support role.

How can the guide help?

The Supporting small business owners guide is for:

  • accountants
  • bookkeepers
  • business advisers
  • tax agents
  • industry associations and representative bodies
  • family members and friends

The guide allows advisers, who often see first-hand how stress can affect small business owners, to provide support without needing to be a trained counsellor or clinician.

The guide includes:

  • practical information they can share with small business owners
  • tips on how to provide immediate support to a small business owner
  • the signs of poor mental health
  • tips to speak with someone you’re concerned about
  • tips on how small business owners can improve their situation
  • links to resources for personal and workplace wellbeing plans, actions that small business owners can take themselves, and information on how advisers can look after their own mental health

Check out the Supporting small business owner’s guide.

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