15 businesses share in $1.4m to help solve public sector challenges

15 businesses share in $1.4m to help solve public sector challenges

The grants will help the businesses develop creative solutions.

15 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will share in over $1.4 million to develop creative solutions for challenges including protecting against biosecurity threats and helping domestic violence victims.

Offered under round two of the Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII), the grants will support the early-stage development of solutions to five key government policy and service delivery challenges.

What projects are being funded?

The grant recipients:

Challenge 1: Fast and secure digital identity verification for people experience domestic violence.

  • Avatas Consulting – val-ID Biometric Identification Service
  • Factil – Digital identity verification

Challenge 2: Intelligent data to transform service delivery

  • Geografia – Tourism Revenue Impact Predictor
  • Metrix Consulting– Australian Tourism Knowledge Bank
  • NEM Australasia – Project Jigsaw
  • Wejugo – Data-driven travel and tourism marketing and insights platform

Challenge 3: Uplifting government capability to create digital transformation

  • Next Paradigm – Digital Capability Hub

Challenge 4: Managing the risks of hitchhiking pests and contaminants on shipping containers

  • Industry Spec Drones – Integrated CS-UAV, Hyperspectral Imaging and Gas Detection to Detect Biosecurity Threats
  • iugotec – AI-Driven Biosecurity Threat Sensing System
  • Silverpond – Using Autonomous Systems to improve current biosecurity inspections
  • Trellis Data – Biosecurity Automated Threat Detection System

Challenge 5: Automating complex determinations for Australian Government information

  • Automated Reasoning Alliance – Automated Creation and Application of Digital Record Authorities
  • Lenticular – A Context Sensitive Learning and Classification System
  • Surround Australia – Tabula Servanda.
  • PWC Indigenous Consulting – Algorithmic record management platform with a self-compliance wizard

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