Greeting: HOW DO YOU DO?

Let me introduce myself. I’m an Intentional Home page. I’m a Home-page because I’m the first page you see after navigating to this website from a search engine, and I also serve as a landing page to attract your attention. As a general Home page I’m used to facilitate navigation to other pages on the site, by providing links to important and recent articles and pages, and possibly a search box. In the near future you might choose how I will look like. As such I’m also Intentional, created for the demonstrational purposes of Whoops Websites, and am showing you my design on a practical example. Thank you for coming by.

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Question: HOW CAN WE HELP?

I’m a Professional website builder, based on Content Management Suite (CMS) and am enabling you to create a professional, responsive website of your own. An example of what I can do you can see here, on the Home page. It is designed as a Landing page, with all the necessary elements all aligned in rows and columns, with images and text, with titles and sub-titles. You can literally set up your website layout however you’d like. And all that without writing code 🙂 Read more about it in the boxes below.

Diamond Design

Pre-designed or Tailor-made website templates, ready to be customised. Choose from startup design layouts and styles to suit your business.


I’m a do-it-yourself website builder. Easily drag and drop elements wherever you’d like within the layout, and they will adjust to fit the design.


Our Professional Hosting Plans are delivered with the best available pricing. Basic hosting plan is included with your website package*.


Each Whoops Website Plan makes Search engines in love with your website. Basic SEO optimisation included with every plan. Advanced SEO modules available with upgrades.


E-commerce is an excellent way for retailers to improve their bottom line and promote their brand. Advanced E-commerce plans are available with your website upgrades.

24/7/365 Support

Our dedicated technical support is available 24/7/365 via the integrated Ticketing system within every purchased Hosting service. Basic hosting included with every plan.


Your website is your universe. With your fingertips you can create a big-bang from a scratch! In many cases, your website will be the first, if not the only, interaction people have with your organization and as such, it should be an experience they will not soon forget.


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Offer: YOUR 60 MINTS

Today we live in a multi-channeled world and customers want to talk with us through a variety of different media. Some prefer the fast response and personalization of the phone, while others like the convenience and non-real-time nature of email or ticketing system. Live chat provides a bridge between these two and gives the customer and support agents the best—and worst—of both worlds! Of course, many customers today embrace some form of social communication, and this has changed the way companies interact in many ways. We will guide you through some of available strategies. Included with the setup plan you have 60 MINTS – Monthly Instruction, News and Troubleshooting Support. Read more on the Read more on Whoops Online


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Working with Connect 2u2 Web Technologies served us well. The basic website styling was prepared immediately. That included special functions, as sliders, grids, rows … Also, Connect advised us on choosing proper fonts, colours, typography and sizes first and then to apply web styles overall. That’s a professional service of high-end degree. Thank you!

Cabot Schmidt
Rating: 5

We have been through several stages in project development with Uros from Connect 2u2 Web Technologies. He has anticipated the security management and web portal deployment to the last point with excellence, dedication and an eye for a detail. We highly recommend Connect 2u2 Web Services to any of our prominent clients and are up to date confident with our future cooperation.

J. D. Bacchiaz
Rating: 4

Uros from Connect 2u2 has helped us achieve all desired effects on our website. We’re working in a specific industry brand, that is the brand and industry service for future generations to come, and we have some specific needs of how to present, promote and layout the content. At Connect they have helped us and supported every wish with exceptional outcomes on performance, design and content.

Rating: 5



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